Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Every so often, I come across something that looks a little too perfect. Usually, these occassions are when I’m looking or feeling less than perfect myself (so….pretty much every day) and rarely (ok, occassionally), I am envious of those perfect pictures. Take, for example, the woman whose hair is flawlessly smooth on a sticky, humid Florida day or the mother who gushes to the Target cashier that her child sleeps 14 hours a night in her crib without making a peep.

When I’m overcome with that small stab of envy, I think of this flower.


Beautiful, isn’t she? So lively and pink held in a warm embrace by lovely green and burgundy leaves. Yup, she’s enough to make me take a deep breath and bask in her perfection…until I remember that she was the only living bloom on a seriously thirsty plant (ok, totally my fault, but Mother Nature’s to blame as well since it hasn’t rained in forever!).

The moral of the story folks is that while this one little flower on the plant is looking perfect, she has her flaws too. So, moments later, my pang of envy subsides and I envision that glossy-hair lady was recently dumped and the amazing sleeping baby is a raging terror while awake. Are these lessons that I plan on teaching my son? Probably not in those terms, but it sure makes me feel better!

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