Back In The Saddle Again…Figuratively Speaking


Well folks, my wonderful new shoes finally came in. They are one of the most supportive running shoes you can purchase and they were definitely worth the wait. If you ignore the hideous orange and blue on the trim (the ONLY color they came in), they really are quite beautiful…or at least my knees think so.

Today marked the two week point since my last run. A lot has happened in the last two weeks. Let’s see, 13 days ago, I woke up with my knees throbbing and swollen; 12 days ago, I limped into my favorite running store to have the owner (a former podiatrist) tell me that my pregnancy was the last straw for feet that were already far from perfectly aligned as a result of 12 years of swimming competitively; 4 days ago, I made a total ass of myself in my new podiatrist’s office and sometime during the last week, I ate half a tray of double-fudge brownies.

I was getting really antsy to start up again (especially since my big brother has been talking about kicking me out of the Marathon Club…but wait, I can’t say more because the first rule of the Marathon Club is that we don’t talk about the Marathon Club…sorry bro). Anyway, I kept vacillating between waiting for my orthopedics to come in or giving these new beautiful (but hideous) running shoes a test run. Impatience won out and my reasoning was that I wanted to have a baseline to compare my new orthopedics to. (Isn’t it amazing how the human brain can rationalize any decision? For an interesting read on theories of criminal behavior, see Sykes and Matza’s (1957) “Techniques of Neutralization”.)

Anyways, I decided to leave my watch at home and headed out for an easy 2.5 miles. To convince myself to take it easy, I set my iPod to Tori Amos’ “Little Earthquakes.” That’s definitely not pavement pounding music. At the end of the first mile, I was feeling great. I felt productive. Back in the game. Back in the Club. By the end of the second mile, I was paying particular attention to my left knee to check for any twinges and almost did a cartwheel when I didn’t. I got back to the house 5 songs into the CD (so, about 22 minutes 15 seconds) and three hours later, I still feel great.

The only thing I have left to say is GAME ON! Now can someone please contact New Balance and tell them that they need some garnet and gold trim for these shoes? Don’t they know that there are only two places in Florida where these two colors are combined? That would be the Swamp and the uniforms of Death Row inmates….both quite un-holy things if you ask me.


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