Sheriff Nona


After the Irishman and I got married, he talked me into getting a dog. I had never been a dog owner before (well, I did have my bionic cat Payton who chews everything and fetches, but I don’t think he really counts), but I had always wanted a dog. We started researching breeds (ok, so I started researching breeds and the Irishman would offer grunts of agreement or dissent) and during the course of my search, I kept coming across the Cardigan Corgi. I had heard of Pembroke Corgis before (Queen Elizabeth has like six of them), but I had never come across the Corgis with the tail before. So, we bought a couple of books about Corgis and decided that the Cardigan was the one for us.

Fast forward a couple of months and we had selected a breeder, who had a black and white female pup available for us. From the moment we brought Nona home, she was a small adult. She never exhibited any puppy-like behaviors and she did great in obedience training. In case you aren’t familiar with Corgis, they’re in the herding family with Border Collies and German Shepherds. In other words, they’re working dogs. All of the books about Corgis said that because of their natural instinct to work, family dogs will create their own jobs.

Well, Nona found her own job in our house in a BIG way. Nona is the law. She knows every rule that exists in the house. The cats are prohibited from doing the following things: playing with the mini-blinds, pushing the metal baby gate, and scratching the couch. If any of these transgressions take place during her watch, Sheriff Nona will come tearing around the corner, barking at the top of her lungs and nipping at their heels. “Move along you juvenile delinquents,” she says. “We’ll have none of your shenanigans around these parts, you hear?”

As impressive as this form of canine policing is, Nona has taken it upon herself to make new rules in the house. These are her additions to the cat rules: no jumping onto the kitchen counter, no meowing loudly for any reason whatsoever and finally, do not chase each other at full speed through the house. This will cause Nona to go absolutely ballistic and you can almost hear her shouting, “Walk, don’t run you little punks!”

We weren’t exactly sure how the addition of a toddler into our family would sit with the Sheriff. Toddlers are (by nature) loud, wild and everywhere at once. Much to our relief, Nona adores Parker. However, I suspect that this is because he tries to pick Payton up by the tail every chance he gets. In Nona’s world, this is a just punishment for all of his kitty crimes. You see, for all of her bravado, Payton generally ignores her prodding. He squints his one good eye at her and says, “Listen you little whippersnapper, I was here first and I’ll be damned if I let some hyper bitch push me around.” Whoa, that Payton’s a feisty one, eh? (Oh and technically, he’s not swearing because Nona is a female dog).


One thought on “Sheriff Nona

  1. aunt meg June 10, 2008 / 6:45 am

    classic! and i love that pic of her. kisses from aunt meg 🙂

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