Pardon Me, May I Sit On You?

It’s interesting to watch the interplay between a 19-month-old child and a small menagerie of animals. When Parker is in the room, the dogs and one of our cats make a hasty exit to safer areas. Payton, however, does not. I’m not sure if it’s feline bravery or just a twisted case of “negative attention is still attention,” but even when Parker is barreling towards Payton at full speed, he holds his ground.

I remember the first time Parker lifted Payton by his tail. Payton just stood there, back paws lifted 3 inches off of the ground, looking lazily around the room. Strangely, even after I moved him to the safety of the kitchen, he was back in the living room less than one minute later. As a result, Parker spends a great deal of time hanging out with him.

I’m not sure what the fascination is, but Parker has a particular fondness for sitting on Payton. Yes, you read that correctly. The funny thing is, Parker is very polite about it. Just watch the following exchange.

“Pardon me sir. I can’t help by notice that you look amazingly soft. Would you mind if I sat on you?”





And here he is on another day.



Typically, he’ll sit there for 10 seconds or so, give Payton a squeeze and then go about his business. This happens probably three times a week. I just file it under the strange and unusual things that happen in the house and go about my business.


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