The Run Down

Well, it seems like I’m working my way through every type of injury on my way to the marathon. I had a really bad case of runner’s knee back in March and April and while that’s remedied, it appears that I’m now fighting the same thing that my brother had: plantar fasciitis. Translation? My heel and the arch of my foot hurt like hell. Nice, huh?

The good news is that, while my foot heals with ice and anti-inflammatory treatments, it’s recommended that I cross-train with swimming and cycling. Lucky for me, I already do both of those activities, so I shouldn’t lose too much conditioning while I’m getting over my foot pain. I’m going to consider this the calm before the storm since, at 6 months away, my training is about to get much more aggressive as I start working long runs into my routine.

Swimming is going great. When I first got back into the pool about a month ago, I could really only go about 10 laps at a time before my arms were on fire and my lungs were burning for air. In 4 short weeks, I now start my workout with 40 laps (1,000 yards) and can easily complete them without so much as a stitch in my side. I can’t possibly begin to tell you how good that feels.

With the Olympics on the horizon, I’ve been thinking a lot about swimming lately. I watched the swimming trials last week and was on the edge of my seat the entire time. As the swimmers approached the blocks, I was mentally putting myself through the paces of how they were feeling and what they were thinking. As they dove into the water, I was screaming “kick, kick, kick!” inside of my head and when they made the last turn and were headed for the finish, I could feel the fatigue in their muscles as if it were my own. Incidentally, I have the same type of out of body experience when I watch any woman giving birth. I can’t help but hold my breath when she pushes and get tears in my eyes when that little baby is put on her chest.

Anyway, back to sports. There’s something so appealing about watching athletes at the top of their game. Knowing that the blood, sweat and tears are behind them and all that’s left now is the fight and the glory. For me, that level of dedication is probably one of the most attractive things in the world so you better believe that I will be tuned in to watch every second of the Olympics this summer. Forget Big Brother, this is the only reality TV that I’m into.


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