Is This Love?


So, I normally hate commercials. I despise the idea of someone trying to sell me something that I haven’t gone out of my way to look for. With that said, once every three years or so, I come across a commercial that I identify with so closely, I almost forget that they’re trying to sell me something.

This New Balance commercial is one of those. (In fact, I’ve since found out that the entire series of Love/Hate commericals rock. Click on the hyperlinks throughout this post to see more of them.)

I saw this commerical for the first time this week as I was sitting on the couch rolling my foot on a soup can for the second straight hour trying to get over this latest injury. It came on just as I was wondering why I was continuing with this running journey when it seems like there are so many roadblocks cropping up left and right. I mean, is all of this really worth it? What is running giving me that swimming and cycling aren’t? As the doubts and second guesses roll through my head, I wonder if running is punishing me for picking swimming back up so early in our relationship.

After the commercial was over, I sat staring at the TV as I had two thoughts simultaneously. The first was, “Thank God I’m not the only person who thinks of sports as living entities that I’m involved with.” And the second was, “Holy crap, I’ve fallen for running!” I was so busy rediscovering my relationship with swimming that I didn’t even realize it was happening. I mean, I knew that I had been looking longingly at new running paths during my hiatus over the last week. And I also noticed the jealous stares that I was shooting at runners who were happily treading along without any foot pain whatsoever, but I didn’t realize that it was this serious.

I have to say that I’m glad that I know now where I stand with running. I’m not sure that all of this pain would have been worth it for a fling, but since we’re headed towards a long term relationship, I’m willing to work out the issues as they surface. Is running one of the hardest relationships I’ve ever had? Absolutely, but I’m willing to stick it out because you and I both know that my make-up run after my foot is better will be unforgettable!

Oh yeah and that picture at the top, that’s a nearby path that I want to take running to after our break is over.


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