Back In Business

So, yesterday was my first run after taking 11 days off to nurse my foot and I have to say that it was everything that I was hoping it would be. I started off with the intention that I would run a slow and easy couple of miles, but that didn’t happen.

My legs were so fresh and rested, that I ended up running 3 miles in a quick (for me) 23 minutes. I felt like I was flying and that my legs were weighless. I kept telling myself to hold back, that this was only a warm up run, but I was so overjoyed to be doing it that I just had to let loose.

It’s interesting that my life has switched so drastically from doing things that I “had to do” to doing things that I “want to do.” It’s such a subtle difference, but it’s amazing the effect that it has on your motivation. I see people in the gym chronically looking at their watches, agonizing as the minutes tick by, just waiting for their required 25th minute to pass before they can quit and go home. I guess for them, the term “working out” applies in the literal sense – it’s just another job.

On the other hand, I hate when my workout is over. I prolong it as long as I can and I’m constantly allowing myself just “5 more minutes” to enjoy the sensation of my body in motion. I love that I have the ability to get where ever I’m going by sheer will and that I can take for granted that my body will comply. I think that’s why injuries are so stressful to me. They mean that my body is not functioning entirely as it should. I also like the feeling of burning muscles and fatigue. Call me a sadist if you’d like, but the protest of my body means that I’m pushing myself to new limits and there’s nothing I like more than the sense of satisfaction I get when I wanted to quit, but didn’t.

For me, there’s just one absolute in life. Whether it’s with regard to challenging your body or your mind, the only limitations that exist in life are ones that you set for yourself.


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