My Favorite Things: Jeans Edition

Now that I’m no longer working in an office with a dress code, I’ve noticed that I’ve unofficially adopted a uniform of my own. Probably 6 days a week, I grab one of the 20 long tank tops that are stacked in my t-shirt drawer and pair it with one of my 20 pairs of jeans. Even when class is in session, I always start off with the intention of looking professional, but typically I regress to jeans within a matter of weeks. I figure two weeks of dress slacks is enough to establish my authority as Dr. Cyn. In fact, my jean addiction is so established that when my friends invite me places, they have to specify whether jeans are appropriate because without fail, that’s what I’ll wear unless told otherwise.

Before the designer jean boom, I used to have a perpetual jean dilemma. You see, I’m 5’11” and it was virtually impossible for me to find a pair of jeans that was both long enough and a good fit. With the average American woman standing at a petite 5’4”, I was clearly not the target market for most stores. However, about 6 years ago, something changed. First, the cost of jeans skyrocketed to the triple digits, but with this price hike, the average inseam also went up from a 32 to a 34/36. For someone like me, that was like winning the denim lottery!

Once the denim world was open to me, I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and tried on every single pair of jeans that they sold in my size. I’m really not exaggerating here. I told the saleswoman to please bring them all to me. (I had mentally committed to buying three pairs so that it was worth her while.) I quickly learned which brands catered to Greek hips and which ones were made for women built like 12 year old boys.

My new love when I left Saks that day was Citizens of Humanity. They were perfect. Really. They fit well in all the right places, they were more than long enough and I felt like they were made for me. I bought 2 pairs of Citizens (same cut, different washes) and one pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans in a wide leg. (Random fact: the creater of Citizens left the Seven For All Mankind corporation and started his own company. If you’re thinking right about now that I know way too much about designer jeans, you are correct.)

Anyway, over the last 4 years, my collection has slowly grown from 4 pairs to 20 pairs. I acutally even have two pairs of Citizens in maternity! I have every cut, leg width and wash imaginable and I wear every single pair. I love them all equally – really, who can pick a favorite? I’m sure over the next 4 years, that number will most likely increase by at least 10 pairs as they come out with new styles.

Now, in my defense, I generally do not spend much at all on shirts (my favorite tank tops were $7 each), I don’t gamble and I’m not an alcoholic. If this sounds like I’m rationalizing my demin addiction, I am. But seriously, if you’ve never sought out the perfect pair of jeans, I strongly encourage you to make the pilgrimage because once you find them, they only get better with age. Besides, is there anything sexier than a perfect fitting pair of jeans that are comfortable to boot? I don’t think so.


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