Chimay Blue. The Best Beer Ever. Period.


So, I don’t consider myself a beer drinker. In fact, for the most part, I’ll pick 18 other beverages before I choose a beer. Unless, of course, that beer is my beloved Chimay Blue.

Last summer, we took a family trip to Belgium. We went primarily for the beer (the Irishman) and the chocolate (me). Neither one of us was disappointed. Over the course of our Belgium vacation, my husband would order a different Trappist beer every night. I would generally take one sip, wrinkle my nose and stick to my wine. This was the general pattern until the Chimay Blue was ordered. I took one sip. Looked down in disbelief and downed the entire thing over the course of the next 5 minutes.

Then, on the way back to the hotel, I made the Irishman go by a convenience store and buy 3 more. And the next day, we bought a new suitcase to fill with all of the beer that we were going to bring back to the states with us.

A couple months after our return, I was talking with my wine guy at a local liquor store reminiscing about my Chimay Blue. He excused himself for one minute and then returned with my lost love in hand. It turns out that they usually kept a couple of specialty beers in the back, but you had to ask for them.

Since then, I’ve seen my Chimay Blue popping up at various places around town and whenever I do, I buy as many as I can. In fact, I have 7 of these beauties in our drink refrigerator and the Irishman has explicit instructions that these are neither to be consumed casually nor without me enjoying at least half of one. Trust me, he knows I’m not messing around about this.

So folks, whether you consider yourself a beer drinker or not, I highly recommend giving this brew a try.


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