Homemade Pizza, Version #183

I make pizza at home quite frequently. I like to know exactly what’s on my pizza and I also like to switch it up. I have to say that ever since I stopped eating meat, I’ve been experimenting with my pizza toppings. When I was a carnivore, I almost always got a pepperoni pizza. Now, I’m all over the dang place with my toppings.

The pizza I’m going to share with you consists of 5 ingredients. Yup, that’s it. While I typically make my own dough, I’ve found these great 6-grain ready made varieties that have flax seed and spelt and other good for you stuff. It’s cut down my pizza making time from about 30 minutes to 15.

Ok, here are the cast of characters: Dough, pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and parmesan cheese (which I forgot to include in the picture).


First, preheat your oven to 450 degrees, then put on Thomas the Train so your 20-month-old will let you make dinner in peace.

Next, spread a nice layer of pesto on your pizza dough. I used a traditional basil pesto, but really any pesto would work. You’ll also notice that I’m using a pizza stone, but a regular cookie sheet or putting the dough directly onto the rack would work as well.


Now, we need to slice up our mozzarella. There’s nothing like fresh mozzarella on a pizza. You’ll want to slice it pretty thin so that it melts completely when you bake it.


Now, lay it on top of your dough. (As an aside, I was rushing to make this pizza before my husband got home because he would have insisted on laying the mozzarella in a completely symetrical pattern with a standard distance between the pieces. I really wish I was joking about this. For more information on his OCD, be sure to ask Meg about the tater tot incident of 2001.)


Now we need to slice up our tomatoes. I always slice up more than I need because I invariably will eat half of them. There’s nothing like a ripe, salted tomato. Yum!


Ok, now let’s get those beauties on the pizza.


For the final step, I added some shaved parmesan cheese on top, but the stuff in the can would work just fine too. I like the saltiness that it adds to the pizza.


Alright, just pop it into your preheated oven for 12-15 minutes and you’ll have cheesy gourmet deliciousness in no time!


Now run off and enjoy some relatively guiltless pizza! It reheats wonderfully in the toaster over or if you don’t have one, just throw it in a skillet over medium heat – works just as well!

Food/Exercise Log for Wednesday, August 6th:

Breakfast: German Chocolate Cake and Coffee (just keepin’ it real folks!)

9-10:30am: Easy 3 mile run (my achillis is swollen and irritated with me) and a 30 minute hard bike ride.

Lunch: Edamame (soy beans) and a strawberry protein shake (strawberries, vanilla soy milk and protein powder)

Dinner: Two slices of the pieces shown above and 2 lbs. of mixed fruit shown below.



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