Our New DVR

There are certain purchases that make me think, “how did I manage without this??” Our new DVR is one such purchase. The last time I had this much enthusiasm for electronics was my Chi flat iron for my hair. Seriously, how did I make it through undergrad without one? Anyway, back to the DVR. It has completely changed my television viewing experience.

I think we’ve already established that with the exception of a handful of New Balance commercials, I have a serious aversion to them. Well now, I don’t ever have to watch them again! There are a couple of things that I’ll still want to watch live (primarily sporting events), but for the most part, I can now skip forward through all of the fluff to get to what I really want to see. Simply amazing.

The other thing is that I have a pretty early bedtime. I’ve been trying to stay up for the Olympics, but I’m usually crashing around 10:30 or so. As a result, I haven’t watched a show that began after 8pm in about 5 years. Now, I can record whatever I want to watch and do so at my leisure without giving away my senior citizen schedule.

Now, I’m sure that the vast majority of you have had DVRs for years and you’re probably shaking your heads at my glee, but for those of you without DVRs, I have to say that it’s definitely worth having to go through the hassle of contacting Comcast to get set up with one. Now that’s a pretty big endorsement!


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