Pounding the Pavement


There’s something so refreshing about leaving your house when it’s still completely dark outside. At 6:15am on a Sunday morning, I encountered fewer than 5 cars driving out the meet the group. When I got to the starting point, there were a couple new people that I hadn’t met before, one of which is running the Disney Marathon as well.

So, we set off at 6:30am, in the dark, to pound the pavement. Most of the runners had GPS watches, which made it easy when we split up into three groups. The first group was running a quick 4-miler, the second group was aiming for 6 miles and the last group, which consisted of me and the other Disney marathoner decided to go for 8 miles. Is two people still considered a group?

It was a nice, easy pace and it was quiet enough in the area that we could run in the middle of the street. Around mile 3, we watched the sunrise over the lake, which was a spectacular view. I really wish I had my camera with me, but somehow, I think running with my Nikon isn’t really practical.


Around mile 5, we snuck onto the Golf Club grounds to sneak some water from their water cooler and around mile 6, I realized that the water wasn’t such a great idea. Luckily, my running partner knew all of the ins and outs of the area and pointed me in the direction of a nice cluster of bushes that I could use as cover to relieve myself. I have to say that that’s the first time I’ve peed outdoors since my sophomore year in college, but we’ll save that fun little story for another time.

We finished out the last two miles easily and then cooled down. It was nice to meet someone who’s training for the same marathon (and who owns a GPS watch to track our distance) and who runs at the same pace. It looks like we’re going to start meeting every Sunday morning to tackle the long runs together and I have to say, I’m somewhat relieved. It’s so much easier for me to stick with it when I know that someone is suffering along side me and none of my regular friends are sadomasicistic enough to punish their bodies every weekend.


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