This Just Doesn’t Get Old

Is it a random day in 2008? Oh, it is?? Then it must be time for another round of Parker and Payton pics. To tell you the truth, I just can’t get enough of these two characters. The Irishman keeps lobbying for another child, but really, Parker couldn’t ask for a better buddy or sibling than our very own Payton.

“Well hi there little fella, do you mind if I share this couch with you?”


“Um, do you mind scooting over just a tad? I don’t have enough room over here.”


“Thank you, that’s much better.”


“Goodness, it looks like I might be squishing your tail.”


“Gosh, I’m really sorry about that little buddy. Here, let me give you a hug to make up for it.”



“Hey, you make a pretty nice pillow…I think I’ll just take a little snooze here if you don’t mind.”


Payton, enough with the “woe is me” expression…we know you love him.


One thought on “This Just Doesn’t Get Old

  1. Melissa September 3, 2008 / 4:22 pm

    The answer to your questions is NO, aboslutely not – I can NOT get enough of Parker and Payton pics, I just adore them!!

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