The Best Of: Rock Stars

So, since we covered my favorite movie characters and since I’ve been spending so much time on YouTube listening to music and watching concerts, I thought I would cover my favorite rock stars. I’m not sure exactly what it is about these guys that works, but whatever it is, it definitely works. Again, these are in no particular order because picking a favorite is simply impossible since they all bring something different to the table.

Beginning with Gavin Rossdale, I remember waiting in line to get my copy of Sixteen Stone with my best friend. I then ran home and listened to it over and over again while reading along with the lyrics until I knew every single word by heart. It’s still one of my all time favorite CDs.


Next, we have Eddie Vedder. I remember my mom saying that he looks like the devil, so I went out of my way to get a smiling picture of Ed, but I do prefer him scowling for whatever reason. Freshman year of high school, I got Pearl Jam’s Ten and to this day, it remains my favorite all-time CD. If I had to use a word to describe Mr. Vedder, it would probably be intense.


Moving right along, we come to Chris Cornell. I remember my friend Meg saying that he looks like the devil…wait…are you seeing a pattern here? Anyway, back when the Irishman and I were just silly high school kids sitting around watching MTV, I would have a forced moment of silence whenever a Soundgarden video was on. Watching Chris Cornell took all of my adolescent attention.


Bono. One name that requires no explanation at all. I have no earthly clue what it is about him that puts him on this list, except he definitely belongs here and I’m sure that 1.8 million other people would agree with me.


Finally, we have a newcomer to the list. Joe Jonas. He’s probably a little pretty for my taste, but hey, I wrote this list off the cuff and he came to mind, so here he is. If I was 12, I’d probably have the picture that I cut out of Bop magazine (is that still around??) hanging on my wall. Fortunately, I’m not 12 and if any of you tell anyone else that he’s on my list…wait, he is over 18 years old right??



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