Switching Into High Gear

With my mileage increasing week after week, one thing has become very clear – I need to change my schedule to fit it all in. So, starting this week, I have a new wake up time of 5:45am, seven days a week. I have to admit that it is pretty painful to drag myself out of bed when it’s pitch black outside. However, it’s definitely worth it when by 8am, I’ve run 6 miles, showered and I’m working on my second cup of coffee. So, here’s my new schedule:

Monday – Swim (1-2 miles)
Tuesday – Run (3-4 mile speed workout)
Wednesday – Run (easy 4 miles), bike (12 miles), swim (1 mile)
Thursday – Run (7 miles)
Friday – OFF
Saturday – Brick (10 mile bike followed by 3 mile run – race pace)
Sunday – Long run (starting at 9 miles and adding 1 mile every week until 20 miles)

I’ve decided to stop my long run at 20 miles because (1) I think if I can go that far by myself, the momentum of the race will help me get the rest of the way, and (2) I don’t want to risk getting an injury from over-training. The marathon is exactly 4 months from today and if I can stay injury free, I think that I’ll be ready. I’ve already committed to finishing the marathon at any cost, but I may actually enjoy it if I’m prepared.

Much like childbirth, my ignorance about how painful this marathon is going to be is what’s going to get me through it. I guess than in some instances, ignorance really is bliss.


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