I woke up yesterday feeling slugging and lethargic. Being a morning person, that is not normal for me. Usually, I’m disgustingly cheerful and productive from the second that I open my eyes. However, considering all of the junk that I consumed in Chicago, I shouldn’t be remotely surprised. The downside to eating a healthy diet is that your body lets you know the second that you deviate from that course. Last week was particularly horrific – I had a coke for the first time in like a year! Ack!

So, I decided that it’s definitely time to detox. Sort of like a pre-marathon cleansing. I’m also putting the skids on alcoholic drinks until January 12, 2009 (with the exception of my professional conference in mid-November) because I can’t afford any more late mornings. Plus, I kind of feel like I’m wasting my money on all of the organic produce that I buy when I’m chasing it with vodka.

The way that I detox is pretty simple. I cut out all caffeine, processed foods and most saturated fats. I stick mainly to raw foods (heavy emphasis on fruits and veggies) and I supplement this diet with a daily raw enzyme drink, a detoxifying tea and tons of water. I usually start out doing it for one week, but it almost always extends to two (with the exception of the caffeine, which I add back in immediately). It’s amazing how much better I feel already after just 24 hours.

I’m also happy to report that I had no difficulty whatsoever waking up at 5:30am when my alarm went off to hit the track for some interval runs. (Ok, I had a single moment where I yelled, “turn off the blasted alarm already!” but I quickly came to my senses and got my gear on so that I didn’t leave Kasey hanging in the pitch black morning to run by herself.)


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