It’s interesting how we unconsciously shape our children’s pusuits and model them after our own preferences. The older that Parker gets, the more I realize that I buy him things that I would have thought were cool as a kid and I encourage the behaviors that I think will serve him well in the future. Take the love of reading for example.



Parker spends a lot of time (and I mean A LOT of time) “reading” his books. Without fail, he will spend at least an hour either sitting by himself going through his books (pausing on each page as he takes in the material) or bringing us the books to read to him. I would say that we read about 10-15 books a night together. I am all about encouraging this behavior, so we make a big production of picking the books out and going through each page before we switch to another one. I can only hope that his enthusiasm for reading sticks.

Then we have the early birthday present that we got him – his first desk. He’s really into coloring and drawing, so I thought it would be nice if he had a designated coloring space (so that the crayons and paint would decorate paper and not my couch).



Plus, I thought that if he was already accustomed to having a designated “work” area, then adjusting to completing his school work and school projects at a desk would be a natural thing to do. This is definitely the nerd in me coming out, but how much fun does that little desk look? The yellow part actually flips up and becomes an easel for when we graduate to bigger projects. I should mention that his desk is in the living room so that he still feels like he’s involved (because like both the Irishman and myself, this little guy does not like to miss anything), but it’s his own personal space to do with as he will.

I have to say that I’m really loving his age right now. He’s interactive and can communicate whether he wants to color or build blocks. He has clear preferences, but is still laid back as ever. Yup, Parker is officially a little boy and it is so much fun to watch him grow.


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