Too Wise

Since my main job requires me to stay on top of a number of different email interactions, I recently got an iPhone so that I wasn’t tied down to my laptop and places that had wifi service. As if I needed any more freedom, I can now do my job from anywhere that has a cell phone signal. This is very nice indeed.

Anyway, I also like the fact that I can take pictures and email/post them immediately. While I’m still having a wild love affair with my Nikon SLR, it’s a bit conspicuous for some places, so it’s nice to be able to snap a picture with minimal attention being drawn. I decided to try out the camera on my iPhone using my favorite subject – little man Parker.

As he was enjoying his yogurt, I thought that I would see if I could get a candid picture without him noticing. While I absolutely adore his cheesy grin, I have virtually no shots of him without it since the second that he sees the camera, he starts hamming it up. Well, he is obviously much wiser than I gave him credit for because as soon as I lifted the iPhone to take a picture, this is what I got:


If you need a translation, Mr. Smarty Pants is saying, “You can’t fool me mom…I am one step ahead of you.”


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