Day At The Lake


With the weather remaining consistently sunny and breezy, we’ve been squeezing in some family outings into our schedule. This past weekend, we took Parker to a nearby lake.


Parker is fascinated with ducks. He was staring at them intently and when one of them quacked, he would point and quack back at them.


As we made our way around the lake, either the Irishman or I had to hold his hand because he was determined to join the ducks in the water. Here, I am trying to keep him on the sidewalk while positioning myself between him and the water in case he broke loose.



Fortunately, he was distracted by a helicopter (the Irishman said that it’s called a Huey and proceeded to spell it for me) so he abandoned his attempts to go swimming with the ducks.


There was a gentleman inside the gate cleaning it and when he saw Parker staring at it, he invited him inside to sit in it. Parker apparently was a helicopter pilot in his past life because as soon as the Irishman showed him where to put his hands, he was “flying” it like a pro.



All in all, it was a nice afternoon at the lake. When we got back to the house, Parker was ready for a nap. It’s hard work chasing ducks and flying helicopters!


One thought on “Day At The Lake

  1. aunt meg October 7, 2008 / 3:32 pm

    cuteness! i miss my little buddy

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