Well, my cold is still here. I’m sure that the added stress of the week has nothing to do with that fact. I feel ok, but sound horrible. Too bad that calling in sick is not an option today. Being healthy is definitely one of those things that I take for granted. Hopefully, I’ll feel well enough to get a run in tomorrow morning before we leave.

We’re headed down south to be with the Irishman’s family for the week. They’re a pretty close knit group and I know it’s really hard for him to be away from them right now. So, we’re packing up the dogs and Parker and headed on an 8 hour car trip. Oy. I may just take a strong tranquilizer to take the edge off the chaos. Can someone please provide me with a strong tranquilizer? Thank you.

My mother-in-law is really looking forward to Parker coming down for a visit. She and her sister were best friends and I’m sure the emptiness that she feels is monumental, but Parker is more than up to the challenge of providing a welcome distraction.

Speaking of distractions, I’ve already scoped out a local track that I can use for my Tuesday interval runs and I’m going to take a trip down memory lane and visit my old stomping ground to get in my swim workouts. I am very much a creature of habit so I need to stick to my schedule as much as possible to remain somewhat sane.

The worst thing about being sick right now is that I can’t workout to relieve my stress. I very much use running (and cycling and swimming) as a way to literally run away from what’s on my mind and fatigue my brain to the point of exhaustion. The irony of this week is that I’ve had way too much time just sitting around feeling like crud, which translates into way too much time thinking about how losing Carol has changed our lives.

I apologize for my hermit ways, but I promise to stick my head out of my shell when I’m ready for human interaction. In the meantime, it will be nice to be in my parents’ house with mom cooking and dad playing with Parker. Now I just need to get my hands on a couple of good fiction books to bury my nose in and distract my brain.


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