Same Routine, Different Place

I’ve been trying to keep my same mileage schedule while we’ve been down south for the week (in spite of my very annoying cold). So as planned, I got up on Tuesday morning and ran my intervals. While I normally do my tempo run on Thursdays, my brother informed me that he was coming into town, so I put it off until this morning so we could run together.

As an aside, Parker has not been sleeping at all since we’ve been down here. He picked up my cold and his cough has been keeping him up all night. Needless to say, when my brother sent me a text message at the crack of down telling me to “wake up!” I seriously contemplated breaking my own leg so that I could get some more sleep. (Yes, my brother is staying in the next room over, but since we both have iPhones, the iSnob way to communicate is to text each other even when you’re virtually in the same room.)

As luck would have it, the paparazzi were waiting for us outside.


Just kidding, that would be my early bird father who followed us outside to get photographic evidence of our early departure. I had barely rubbed the sleep from my eyes at this point and wasn’t too keen on getting a picture snapped, but I was too tired to protest.

In this picture, you can just see the sun thinking about rising. It was early and I was tired, but we were up and dressed so it was time to hit the road.


It was my brother’s day for a long run, so he ended up doing just shy of 10 miles. For my tempo run, I did 7 miles at a pace much faster than what I’m used to. He’s a faster runner than I am and I am still feeling the effects of this cold, so 7 was about my limit for this morning.

The good news is that my legs feel perfect. Six hours later, it doesn’t even feel like I ran at all so my muscles are definitely where they need to be at this stage in the game. My lung capacity was a different story. I hate being sick because it felt like I was wheezing the entire time. Definitely not cool.

I’ll probably get in another run either tomorrow morning or Sunday before I’m back on my regular schedule next week.


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