Set Backs

So, I have pneumonia. Um yeah, this is not good. While I definitely felt as if something was not right, I would have never imagined that it would have been something as serious as pneumonia. I did feel slightly vindicated since I felt like a wimp during my last couple of runs before I was diagnosed, but that self satisfaction was quickly quashed when I realize how stupid that it probably was to be running in the first place.

Besides not being able to run for over a week, the side effects of the medicine are quite unpleasant – dizziness, tremors, dry mouth – yuck! I’ve never been a sickly person and I hate taking medicine, so this has been a pretty rough couple of weeks.

I’m currently just looking forward to feeling better and to getting back in full swing. I’m going to take it easy the first week back, but I’m getting a little nervous with just over two months to go until the marathon. We have some really long runs scheduled for the end of November and early December – I hope I’m ready for them.


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