Halloween is a conflicted time for me. I love the holiday itself (pumpkin carving, dressing up, chocolate!), but I don’t particularly care for strangers coming up to my door. I don’t like answering the door in the best of circumstances and when it’s a bunch of teenagers dressed like mass murderers, well, I’m a little freaked out. So, I generally make myself scarce and let the Irishman do all of the door answering. Listen, I never claimed to be well-adjusted or normal. Having a child old enough to trick or treat, however, allows me to enjoy the best of Halloween without having to deal with my xenophobic tendencies. I was therefore thrilled to take Parker trick or treating this year.

We let him pick out his own costume and it was no surprise when Thomas the Tank Engine was the one he picked. Parker isn’t usually a fan of hats, but he knew that the conductor’s hat was an integral part of the costume so he was all about looking the part. Here we are outside prior to leaving for trick or treating. Please notice the matching bucket that he is carrying.


I decided to get into the Halloween spirit this year by dressing up as well. I was initially planning on being Cleopatra, but I waited too long to get my costume and they were out. So, I decided on a Greek Goddess costume instead. (No, I don’t think this is what Greek Goddesses really wore and yes, I did change before we took him around the neighborhood.)



The first house was a comedy of errors on Parker’s part. First, he tried to go inside. Then, he tried to take the entire bucket from our neighbor. We explained to him that you say, “Trick or treat!” and then “Thank you!” but he generally skipped the trick or treat part and lunged for the candy instead. He did get the “thank you” and added his own “bye-bye” along with it though. He was definitely a hit with our neighbors who don’t get that many little trick or treaters. Oh and he wore that costume for a good hour after we got back. I’m just glad that he didn’t decide that he wanted to sleep in it.

It was a lot of fun seeing him participate in Halloween and you better believe that I’m excited to see how much fun he has at Christmas!


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