Mule Day

Every year, we drive up the road to Calvary, Georgia to attend Mule Day. Mule Day is none other than a celebration of mules. Yes, you read that correctly and no, it isn’t a tiny country festival. Tens of thousands of people attend Mule Day every year. They have a mule parade, mule contests and even a mule beauty pageant. It’s random, I know, but so much fun!

I didn’t get to take that many pictures at Mule Day for two reasons: (1) I was too busy chasing Parker around. That child is in a stage where he just wants to run free as a bird. Unfortunately, in a crowd of thousands, all I see are numerous pedophiles and child abductors just waiting to snatch him up. I’m pretty sure that my level of paranoia is limited primarily to criminologists, but I’d rather be safe than sorry; (2) Mule Day is a cash only event and while I put all of my cash in my back pocket, I then proceeded to change jeans. Sigh. I never used to be this scatterbrained, but it seems to be a permanent affliction.

Anyway, here are the pictures that I did get this year at Mule Day.

I guess these are mules, but they look a lot like regular horses to me.


And this one looks a lot like a donkey.


This definitely is not a mule. I’m not sure exactly what to say about this picture. I do feel sorry for the pony…or is it a little horse? Does anyone know the politically correct term to use for this particular animal? I would hate to be offensive. Thank you.


Here’s the Irishman and Parker checking out the mules, horses, donkeys and little horses/ponies.



There was another military helicopter there so, of course, Parker had to get in it. I let him try on the hat, but I stopped short of letting him handle the semi-automatic weapon they had on display. Call me crazy, but I think that two is a little young for firearms.


Finally, there was a man (or woman?) dressed in a lion suit. Parker went running over to him (her?) and would not leave. He was hugging the lion and petting the lion and, as evidenced in this picture, roaring at the lion. It was very cute.


The great thing about Mule Day is that there’s always another one next year. If you happen to live in the North Florida/South Georgia area, I highly recommend going out there and experiencing all that Mule Day has to offer.


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