Living History

I have to say that I’m not quite believing that America has finally elected an African-American President. For the first time in a long time, I’m completely speechless. With racism still rampant and profiling a very real thing, it is with hopefulness that I view our country’s future. Regardless of whether you agreed with Obama’s politics or not, yesterday was historic.

Watching the Today Show this morning and seeing the reaction of the world, I am relieved. Relieved that maybe we will once again be a beacon of progressiveness and prosperity for all of the countries less fortunate than we are. Relieved that we will no longer be viewed as tyrants who impose our will on others. With tears in my eyes, I watched Israel, Iraq, Afghanastan and Africa rejoice in this changing of the guard and for the first time in eight years, I exhaled and felt that everything might be ok after all.


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