Happy Birthday Parker!!

Wow, I can’t believe that today is Parker’s 2nd birthday. It seems like yesterday that I was checking into the hospital. Like most surreal events, I remember every detail of his birth so clearly. I thought it would be fun to post his birth story here along with some pictures of his first days, so I dug up the original birth story I wrote just hours after his birth. Happy reading!

11/11/2006 – We checked into the hospital at 5pm for our planned induction. The previous Wednesday, we had an ultrasound at 40 1/2 weeks that estimated Parker’s weight at 9 – 9 1/2 lbs. We agreed that it was in Parker’s best interest to induce at 41 weeks. The last thing that I wanted to end up with was a C-section. The doctor inserted the Cervadil at 7:30pm and we settled into the hospital for a long night full of monitors, fluids and shuffled trips to the restroom. I didn’t sleep at all.

Waiting to check into the hospital.


One of my many trips to the restroom.


11/12/2006 – The Cervadil fell out by itself at 6am and the OB decided to start the Pitocin at 7am. I began having regular contractions immediately, but they were not very painful. At 10am, the OB decided to break my water, which really increased the intensity of the contractions. In all honesty, if felt like someone was hitting me in the back with a sledgehammer (not that I’ve ever experienced that, but you get my point.) The worst part about the contractions was that I didn’t know how much longer I had to go through them.

I labored without any drugs until 4:30pm, when the contractions began coming every 90 seconds and were very, very painful. The most difficult part of the labor process was deciding to get an epidural. I had really wanted to complete the childbirth process naturally, but those Pitocin contractions were excruciating and combined with the fact that I had intense back labor, I could not relax enough to allow my cervix to dilate rapidly. When I received the epidural, I was 5cm dilated. About an hour later, I felt like the epidural was wearing off on one side because I began to feel the contractions again. When the OB checked me, we were all shocked when she said that I was complete and I could start pushing.

The high risk team was already planning on being in the room due to the fact that there was meconium present when my water was broken, but when I started pushing, their presence was necessary because his heartrate began dropping drastically. We all got a little scared because we knew that he was distressed in the birth canal and the OB told me I needed to push with everything I had to get Parker out because he wasn’t doing well in the birth canal. So, she gave me an oxygen mask and needless to say, I pushed with all of my might and he was born less than 20 minutes (and three pushes) later at 6:02pm. He was 9 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long at birth. He is absolutely perfect in every way and we couldn’t be happier! Happy Birthday Parker!

Just minutes old!


The Irishman meeting Parker for the first time.


24 hours old.



Man, how tired do I look?


Ready to go home!


All in all, this was the most incredible experience of my life. Happy birthday Parker and thank you for letting me be your mom. I love you.


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