Day at the Museum

I recently bought our family annual passes to the local Children’s Museum. I thought that it was time for Parker to be exposed to science and art…plus, it’s a place that he can run around like a maniac when the weather is bad and we’re going stir crazy in our house.

So, Meg joined us as we set out on our maiden voyage to the museum. Parker is definitely into touching things, so this type of hands on setting is perfect for a curious little boy like him and even though he’s still small, he didn’t have any difficulty interacting with the exhibits.


Here, we’re pedaling (ok, I’m pedaling and he’s supervising my progess) to generate enough watts of energy to run certain household appliances. The faster you pedal, the more power you generate. I’m wondering why they don’t have generator-bikes on the market for the general public because I would definitely buy one for the house. “Alright boys, you can’t have dinner until you generate enough energy to start the oven!”


And here, Aunt Meg is hoisting Parker’s considerable weight, while he’s (again) supervising.


At this particular exhibit, you could replicate a hurricane. May I bring your attention to the adoring look on Parker’s face? Yes, he certainly had enough of mom that weekend and was thrilled to have someone else to interact with. He also insisted on holding Meg’s hand the entire time we were outside instead of mine. He certainly is learning at a young age how to work his way into a girl’s heart. I’m pretty sure that Meg would have taken him home that day.


And here is my alien child. I was actually quite terrified by this exhibit (my worst nightmare!) so we didn’t go into it, but Parker looked cute peeking through the sign. I’m still not sure why they would have a Roswell exhibit at the Children’s museum (shudder), but fortunately it was tucked out of the way. If you are reading this without a clue as to why I’m so freaked out, trust me, you really don’t want to know.


I had to post this picture simply because I got yelled at for taking it by some 18-year-old who thought she was guarding the Mona Lisa. Plus, it shows all three levels of the museum.


Finally, here are some other random exhibits that I couldn’t figure out, but Parker instinctively knew what to do. I’m sure that there’s merit to the theory that people lose intelligence with age. I’m definitely dumber than a 5th grader.




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