When I first got together with the Irishman, I immediately noticed that his entire family is very liberal with saying “I love you.” I mean, every time he spoke with him mom, his dad, his aunt, (you get the point), he would always throw out an “I love you” before they hung up.

This struck me as very odd. You see, Greeks are not big on the verbal affirmations of feelings. It’s not that I didn’t feel loved as a child, it’s just that I don’t recall ever hearing those words from my mom, dad, grandma and certainly not from my brother. I think it’s just that “I love you” was shown instead of said.

Here’s a perfect example.


This is a tray of lasagna that my mom made last week when she was up here. See that silver line? That’s a piece of foil that’s separating my vegetarian portion from the rest of the meat-laden dish. This really touched me because I had zero expectation of my “special” diet being accommodated. When there’s a big group of people to feed, I usually just fend for myself without complaint because I’m the odd man out.

But, I’m still my mom’s baby and she didn’t want me to be left out. To me, that’s love. Now, I certainly tell Parker that I love him every chance I get (the Irishman’s habits have rubbed off on me), but I hope that I can show him just how much I care about him. I’ve had good role models.


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