Superbowl Bound


There is one thing that the Irishman likes more than beer…the Pittsburgh Steelers (or “Stillers” as Pittsburgeans allegedly say). On Sunday night, they secured a place in the Superbowl and while the Irishman is elated about this, I’m pretty pleased as well. Now, you may be puzzled by this since I’m a Washington Redskins fan, but secretly (or not so secretly), I have a serious crush on this man.


This, of course, is Troy Polamalu. Wait, you don’t recognize him? Maybe this will help.


He’s a safety for the Steelers and if you know anything about him, you’d know why I want to trade in the Irishman for him. Don’t worry, I promised my current husband free Steelers tickets for life if it ever really happened and trust me, I think that’s a deal he would take. Now if I could just get past Mrs. Polamalu, I think everything would work out. Anyway, back to why I like him so much. Off of the field, he’s a serious and reserved person who loves his wife and God. On the field, he’s known as the beast. Need I say more?

Anyway, I’m hoping that the Irishman gets me a Polamalu jersey for the Superbowl… hopefully in enough time that I can run to the store and get a “Mrs.” stitched in front of his name. Yes, that sounds perfect!


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