Unidentifiable Objects

From time to time, Parker will walk up to me and put something random in my hand that he discovered lying around the living room. This item is almost always unidentifiable. ThisQ latest “gift” was slightly shriveled, soft and a brownish color. It was quite revolting. I generally spend about 60 seconds staring at it while trying to figure out what it is and then I do something that I didn’t think was in me. I smell it.

Say it with me, “GROSS!” Yes, it’s supremely gross. It’s mind blowingly gross…but, there is a very good reason for it. Parker still puts way too many things in his mouth that he probably shouldn’t and I’m generally better off knowing if there was something toxic that he could have possible sampled. Plus, I’m secretly morbidly curious about what possible foreign randomness is just hanging out around my house waiting for Curious Parker to discover it.

The latest bit of mystery turned out to be wilted lettuce. I have no idea where he found it or how it got there. It’s probably better this way.


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