Are You Ready For Some Football!?!?

Well, it’s no secret that today is the Superbowl and the Irishman’s beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are playing in it. He made sure that we were all ready for the game.

Here I am in my brand new jersey.


It’s (of course) my fictitious husband’s number so I’m representing defense today.


Here’s little man Parker in his jersey that he’s had since birth.


It’s (of course) the quarterback’s jersey so he’s representing the offense.


And the Irishman? Well, the Irishman is actually there.


Yup, he decided yesterday morning at 9am that he just couldn’t miss out on this opportunity, so he’s going to be there live and in person while Parker and I hold down the fort. I sent him down there with a camera and I’m fully expecting a full pictorial report of the day’s festivities. Of course, I will post them here when he returns.

Hopefully, he has a blast and leaves with memories that will last a lifetime.


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