Well, it looks like Plan A is about to go into action in full force. I verbally accepted an offer from Western Carolina and should be signing a contract within the week. Look out Asheville, here we come!

I’m glad that something good came out of this week. I’ve been in bed pretty much since Saturday with a horrible virus. I swear I’ve lost 5 lbs. since my sore throat made eating anything solid a very unpleasant experience. I was actually napping when the call came in from Western. When I woke up two hours later, I hastily ran to the car to return the call (I didn’t think barking dogs or a yappy two-year-old were exactly appropriate as background noise during contract negotiations).

So, as I sat in my pjs in the front seat of my truck (with crazy hair and sleep in my eyes) listening to the offer that would alter the course of our lives, I was almost giggling out loud at what the department head would have though if he could have seen me right at that time. We got through the details fairly quickly and I stumbled back into the house to share the news with the boys, not that Parker has any indication of what this means to his future.

Hopefully, it will mean a childhood spent skiing and white-water rafting, fishing and camping. The kind of childhood that we couldn’t have given him had we moved to Ft. Lauderdale or D.C. True, his life would have been enriched in other ways, but my only goal for him is to give him as carefree of a childhood as possible and what better way than to have a access to huge National Parks and open mountain ranges.


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