So, I’ve officially started my 8-week training program for my May 10th triathlon. In this specific game plan, I’m doing 10 workouts a week (3 swim, 3 bike, 4 run). Since there aren’t 10 days in a week, I have to do “bricks” to squeeze it all in.

A brick is two back-to-back cross training exercises. For example, on Sunday, I did a run and then without cooling down, I immediately followed it up with a bike ride. Today, I ran 3 miles, taught a 60 minute spinning class and then ran another 3 miles.

The purpose of the brick it to build endurance. Since a triathlon is essentially a 3-sport event, you not only have to train to race in all three events, but you also have to learn to start your run with already fatigued legs.

Truth be told, I think that training for a triathlon (even a half Ironman) is going to be much less wear and tear on my body than training for the marathon was. I believe that I had 4 overuse injuries by the time the marathon training was over. They all sucked and they all set me back weeks on end. This, by comparison, is a breath of fresh air.

Do you want to know a secret? I love bricks. In fact, if I didn’t have a job or any other obligations, I would just spend all my days going from the pool, to the bike trail to pounding the pavement…and then probably back to the pool to cool off. It’s soothing, it’s productive, it’s exhausting. It’s working out at its finest and I am ready to push myself to the limit over the next two months. Bring on the pasta, baby! I’m going to need it.


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