Week Three

Well folks, I’m in the third week of my triathlon training and I’m not going to lie – it feels great! The weather has been cooperating thus far so my pool workouts have been heavenly. For someone like me, getting a workout is incidental to enjoying the sun and being in the water. Some days I push it and some days I take it easy, but the important part is that I’m spending time in the water at least 3 days a week.

I’ve also starting adding in some outdoor cycling workouts on top of my spinning classes. Now that I’ve mastered getting out of my clipless pedals (full embarrassing story with pics plus a clipless pedals tutorial coming soon), I’m really starting to pick up the pace on my bike. I’ve been averaging about 22 miles an hour on the flat road and like the pool, feeling the wind in my hair (under my helmet of course) is its own guilty pleasure. I could stay out for hours and it’s with disappointment that I pack it up at the end of a ride.

Then there’s the run. Oh, what to say about the run. While I’ve definitely grown more fond of running since my 9-month marathon journey, it’s still the most difficult of the three for me. Whereas cycling and swimming are effortless and blissful, every time I lace on my shoes, it’s a fight to the finish line. The interesting thing is that because of the challenge, I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment after my run workouts.

So far, I’ve been meeting my goal of 10 workouts a week. I’m spending countless hours outdoors and loving life in general. I think that’s the secret to all of this. Working out truly isn’t a chore for me. I love every minute of it and I’m so thankful that I have the time to do it. If you’ve been struggling with working out, find out what it is that you love to do. I love swimming and cycling while my husband is really into mountain biking and rock climbing. There are countless of ways to get moving, the important thing is that you just do it.


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