Shhhh….We’re Hunting Houses!

Well folks, we are about to depart for North Carolina to find a place to live in the fall. A daunting prospect indeed! Whether we’re going to rent or buy is yet to be determined. The determination will be whether we find something that meets all of our very stringent criteria.

Picking a house is so difficult because we’re not just picking the house itself. We’re also looking at school districts, proximity to town, year-round access (while a house on the top of a mountain sounds lovely, being snowed in for weeks does not). Oh, and obviously we have to be able to afford it.

We’re all over the place with our likes and dislikes. I am so drawn to historic homes with their cathedral ceilings and original hardwood floors; however, someone else will have already needed to do the major renovations for us because while the Irishman is a lot of things, being overly handy is not one of them (sorry dear, but it’s true). We also like the idea of having a lot of acreage, but being city folk (as we’re going to be lovingly referred to by all of our new neighbors that I will do my best to avoid), I’m not sure that being exceedingly isolated is in our best interest. You know, the whole bears and serial killers thing. If someone is trying to kill you and you scream and no one is there to hear your scream so you flee… what, you’ve never had that thought? Hmmm, perhaps I’m spending too much time in prison.

Anyway, I’m certain that our real estate agent thinks that we’re total flakes because we’ve sent her listings that we like that range from 1500 to 3000 sq. ft., that are both downtown and in the mountains, that were built in 1910 and 2008… you get my point.

What it really comes down to is this: We’ll know it when we see it. And when we see it, I’ll share it with you since I’ll have my camera with me the entire time.

Wish us happy hunting everyone!


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