Yogurt and Honey

Yogurt is a staple in Greek cuisine. Whether it’s being used to make tzatziki (recipe coming soon) or eaten by itself, buying plain yogurt is as regular a purchase as milk or eggs are in this country.

One of my all-time favorite snacks is yogurt and honey. The sweetness of the honey mellows out the tartness of the yogurt and it is simply delicious and filling. You may have noticed that “Greek-style” yogurt has recently made an appearance in the states. In the tzatziki recipe, I’m going to show you how to get the same thick consistency with regular American-style yogurt, but for the purpose of this snack, we’ll just take the route of convenience and buy it ready made.


I really like this Oikos yogurt. It’s organic, has 0% milkfat and it has a nice creamy texture. Keep in mind that any plain yogurt will work here, I just happen to like this one in particular.

The second ingredient in our snack today is honey. Now, there are a thousand different types of honey out there. I highly recommend buying non-filtered honey that is local to your area. I read in one of my health books that consuming local honey can help your allergies and I’m all about helping with the allergies. Now,it just so happens that our next door neighbor has a beehive in his backyard (yeah, I was suprised too) so I have REALLY local honey. He brought it over in a little jar with a piece of the honeycomb inside.


I couldn’t help but think that Winnie the Pooh would have been super jealous…and then I groaned inwardly since all of my mental references now revolve around children’s characters. As soon as our neighbor was out of sight, I dipped my finger into the honey jar and took a little taste. Man, it was so sweet and delightful. I couldn’t wait to drown my yogurt in it.

I usually add about a cup of yogurt into my bowl and then drizzle some honey on top.


Then I give it a good stir until I can no longer see threads of honey.


Then I give it a taste to see if it’s sweet enough and I’ll keep adding honey until I’m satisfied. Yogurt with honey is such a great snack because it’s natural, has tons of protein and it’s sweet enough that it feels like a treat. I love it when snacks make sense.


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