Easter, Take 1

You may not have know this, but Parker is a mixed child. Yup, it’s true. He has an Irish Catholic father and a Greek Orthodox mother. What that means for most of the year is…absolutely nothing, but for Easter, well, he gets two of them. So, this past week was Easter festivities, take 1.

Parker’s school had an Easter egg hunt on Friday (or as he calls it, a “bunny hunt”). Here’s Parker and his self-decorated bag.


After posing for a single picture, he was off and fighting the other kids for some eggs.


He did pretty well for himself, so I asked him to share his eggs with one of his best buddies…whose mother wasn’t there to point out all of the eggs.


Fast forward to yesterday, Parker first got his Easter Egg basket from his grandparents…


then had his very own Easter egg hunt in his Nana’s backyard. Even though he wasn’t racing anyone for eggs, he still worked up some enthusiasm.

“I see an egg! I see an egg!”


Then he decided that baskets are for wimps.


Then he realized that even strong, strapping toddlers still can only carry a limited number of eggs, so he went back for the basket.


Then he decided that his mother was getting decidedly annoying with the camera.


Then we had dinner. The end.

Next week, an Orthodox Easter complete with dyeing red eggs and slaughtering lambs.

Ok, Ok, I’m totally just kidding about the red eggs.


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