Chewy, Also Known as "The Other Corgi"


When I was about 5 months pregnant, the Irishman and I decided that it would probably be a good idea to get a puppy… I’ll pause while you laugh at our poor judgment. In our defense, Nona was two years old and had been our baby since we brought her home. She was accustomed to games of frisbee, long walks in the evenings and going everywhere with us. This human baby was going to be a rude awakening and since we had such a fondness for our little corgi, we decided to get a second corgi puppy to keep her company.

When we got Nona, what the Irishman had really wanted was a blue merle corgi boy. So, this time around, that’s what we got. We argued over boy names for a couple of months (picking our son’s name was easy, but picking a dog name…not so much.) I had wanted to name him Dutch. I don’t know why really, but I liked it. The Irishman was fighting hard for Chewy (as in short for Chewbacca) and in the end, that’s what we settled on.

So, Chewy came home and boy was he beautiful.


He had the lightest blue eyes and that gorgeous coat. He was definitely a looker. He was also very tiny.


In the beginning, we worried about Nona pushing him around.


She was known for putting everyone else in their places and we knew that this puppy would break all of her house rules.

As he started getting older, we realized that he was also a classic second child. Where Nona was serious and disciplined, Chewy was footloose and carefree. He was all about play…and antagonizing Nona. He would run in and out of her crate, steal her toys and pounce on her without provocation…in other words, typical brother behavior.

I must say that his beautiful appearance is not befitting of his favorite past time – getting muddy by rolling around in the dirt. Yes, despite his delicate appearance, he’s 100% male. I think of him as a big, dumb dog, but it’s not because he isn’t intelligent. It’s simply because he kind of flops around like a big ball of fur. He’s very sweet and let’s Parker climb all over him, but he’s also loud and clumsy.

Yup, we have a big, dumb, lovable dog…


and now that they’re 3 and 5, Chewy and Nona are quite the bonded pair. They love on each other, fight with each other, but most importantly, they wear each other out.


Amen to that.


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