***Hi folks, sorry for the break in posting. Parker spiked a high fever on Saturday night and we went into major clingy mode until he got better.

Yesterday, I took the first of two groups from my university class to prison. I love taking students to prison because they’re reactions are priceless. It’s a mixture of fascination combined with fear of the unknown. I think as budding criminologists, this will be a turning point for them – stay in the field or run like hell because if criminology is what you’re into, nothing either excites or revolts you like seeing the system in operation first hand.

I really miss that rush of emotions that I used to get when touring prisons as a student. Strangely, prison is normal to me now. I know a lot of the staff and I see my students walking around. They always waive enthusiastically, which makes me feel like my presence there is making a tiny bit of a difference.

I only have a week left I go back down to one job…and being a full-time mom (so I guess my workload is actually increasing!). I’m going to miss prison. The stale smell, the dirty looks of the inmates who are not my students because I look like nothing more on the surface than a young, preppy idealistic girl who dares to bring some brightness into their personal hell. Ah prison, we’ll meet again. It might be different women (or men), but eventually I’ll find my way to another one because, as a criminologist, I can’t resist the allure of those barb-wire fences and guard posts.


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