Cordless Headphones – Better Than Sliced Bread

The Irishman recently got cordless headphones for himself so that he could watch television after Parker had gone to bed without disturbing him. I’ve since found a better purpose for them.


If you’ve never watched children’s programming for more than 5 minutes, what you may not know is that every show has a song that plays at least 3 times during the show. If you child is fixated on one particular show, that means that you have the potential of hearing that song dozens of times in a week. Of course, it seems that the more annoying the song, the more children like it.

It’s so bad that even when I was laying on the bathroom floor last weekend nearly unconscious, I had one of those songs stuck in my head. As if being violently ill wasn’t torture enough!

But now, everything is better. Parker is fascinated by the headphones and I can control the volume.


So these days, while he’s watching Thomas the Train or Tigger and Pooh or (heaven forbid) Handy Manny, I’m listening to Nora Jones, sipping a porter and cooking in the kitchen. Peace has been restored. Amen.


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