KidFest – Just For The Boys

Last weekend, the Irishman announced that he was taking Parker to KidFest (which I assumed was a fest for kids, or something…) He was meeting a buddy of his who was bringing his little girl (about a year younger than Parker) so it was going to be a daddys day out with the kiddos.

I forced a camera into his hands (not my beloved Nikon of course) and then I called him three times to make sure he was taking pictures. Excessive? Yes. But I assure you that if I had not, the camera would have went directly in to the diaper bag where it would have stayed for the duration of the trip. Thanks to my persistence (err, nagging), here is the pictorial story of Parker’s day with daddy.

Here’s Parker pulling Savannah in the wagon because as you know, big boys don’t ride in wagons, they pull them to prove their fortitude.


Oh look, a person in a fuzzy costume! When Parker was telling me about this part of his day, he said he “hugged a star” and I was thinking that perhaps Bobby Bowden was there…but he meant it quite literally.



If there’s one thing that Parker likes almost as much as people in fuzzy costumes, it’s blowing bubbles.


He also road on “Nemo”…


…and played in a sandbox filled with birdseed.


I’m so glad that I have the pictures to go along with Parker’s story otherwise, hugging stars and riding Nemo and playing with the birdy’s food would have sounded like a whole bunch of gibberish.


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