Paris – The Arrival

I am so proud to report that the flight over to Paris was fairly uneventful. Parker was fascinated with the airplanes at the airport. Here he is getting his first glimpse of our Boeing 757.


My strategy was to send my mother on board first with all of our gear and to wait with Parker out in the gate until all of the other passengers had boarded. Once we got on the plane, Parker was amused by looking at the window at all of the activity going on. He was also reading up on the safety instructions because you never know.


The lights were on for about the first 3 hours of the flight and then they turned everything off. Parker promptly curled up in my lap and slept for the duration of the flight. I, of course, did not sleep a wink trying to balance a 36 lb. toddler in my lap. Here I am looking (and feeling) zombified.


When we arrived at the airport, we waited to wait a couple of hours for my father to arrive. As soon as we were all reunited, we headed straight for a taxi and came into town. I was already feeling the effects of jet lag (which are remarkably like those of a nasty hangover), but Parker was rearing to go…

“I’m so happy to be in Paris!”


…so after a quick stop at our hotel…


…we walked over to the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was less than a half mile away.

On our way there, we saw the St. Michel Fountain…


…and we also passed a playground. Naturally, Parker needed to test out the french equipment.


“I’m so happy to be riding a Parisian bunny!”


“Um, yeah, me too. I’m just thrilled to be on a see-saw after 24 hours of being awake.”


We finally arrived at Notre Dame. I was still in the same clothes I flew in, sans make up, and feeling thoroughly beat up. After snapping a couple of photos…



…we headed back to the hotel and crashed for a few hours. I know that some people believe that you should just stay awake until the proper bed time to better acclimate yourself to the new time zone, but my personal philosophy is that you’ll feel a whole lot better after a shower and a nap. So that’s what we did…well, most of us anyways.


Tomorrow, the Louvre…


2 thoughts on “Paris – The Arrival

  1. meg May 15, 2009 / 1:50 am

    give the city my love, i miss her so.

  2. Lori May 15, 2009 / 12:58 pm

    Glad you guys made it safe. Parker is a doll and looks to be having a terrific time! Love the pics! Keep them coming! Im living vicariously through you and your travels!

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