Still Louvre-ing It

By the time sleeping beauty had woken up…


my parents had met back up with me, but we had to give Parker his mandatory ten minutes of cuddles before he was mobile again. Once he had fully woken up, we went to see my beloved Nike.


She’s gloriously situated at the landing of the grand staircase, so to take pictures “with” her, you have to be standing across the landing. Here she is sitting on Parker’s head.


Then, Parker started taking notice of the sights. I almost died when he asked, “Where are his pants?” after seeing a number of either naked or barely clothed statues like the one below.


He also noticed the elaborate ceilings, which he pointed out to me.


With dread, I took my parents to see the Mona Lisa. I already knew that this is the scene that would await us in her room.


If you’ve never seen her before, she’s quite small. But, she is the Mona Lisa, so the I guess the fuss is warranted.


Then, we hunted down the Venus De Milo, who has been moved since the last time I was here. She has her own room now and is on full display (check out those abs!).


You also have great views of the rest of the Louvre from all of the windows.


Finally, in homage to the Da Vinci Code, I had to take this last picture on our way out.


I have a sudden urge to re-read it now.

Stay tuned because tomorrow, we’re off to the Eiffel Tour and the Arc de Triumphe.


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