I love olives. Green olives, fat black olives, olives with pimentos, but most of all, I love Kalamata olives. I could literally eat half a pound without batting an eyelash. Every year before we leave for the island, we go by the olive store to pick up a couple of kilos to last us.


They probably have over 30 varieties of olives displayed in their cases and they’ll let you try every single one of them before you make you selection…not that I’ve ever done that or anything.


I usually try about 3 or 4 varieties so that I appear to be considering other options, but I always know exactly what I want.


Giant Kalamata olives that are slightly tart and slightly sweet. The Irishman and I brough back a 10 lb. bucket of these one year and ate them every day for months and months. For the time being, I bought one kilo and since we’re traveling to the island, they pack the olives in a jar with juice so that they’ll be easier to transport and will keep longer.


With a fresh loaf of homemade bread from the bakery, a huge chunk of feta cheese and a Greek salad, these olives with make a filling and delicious lunch.


One thought on “Olives

  1. Lori May 22, 2009 / 2:50 pm

    YUM! Have you seen the Poineer Woman’s blog? She has a recipe for this Olive Bread…oh my!

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