The Local Donkey

This is a donkey that lives in our village. Parker takes a daily trip to visit him. He’s fascinated that there’s a donkey just hanging out in a pasture.


The donkey’s owner rides him up and down the mountain and uses him for other work around his property. It is so easy for me to imagine what life was like here hundreds of years ago because so many members of the older generation still live the same way. They have simple two room homes and the following things: a goat (for milking), hens (for eggs), a donkey (for transportation) and a garden to grow vegetables. I imagine that there are very few things they actually purchase from a traditional supermarket.

Every once in a while, I have a sudden urge to flee the complications of my regular life and move to our simple island home that has no address and no mailbox. I think I would last about 4 months before I started craving some Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and the conveniences of a local gym.


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