Greek Coffee


I have a confession to make. Before yesterday, I did not know how to make a Greek coffee. In my defense, a cup of Greek coffee is only about 4 oz. of liquid so it’s not exactly my choice of caffeination. Furthermore, Greeks can linger over a single cup for upwards of an hour, which is baffling to me, but I am (in this and most things) decidedly American. Now, however, I can make a Greek coffee with the best of them. I feel Greeker already.

First, add one tea cup worth of water for each cup of coffee you’re going to make to your briki (the traditional beaker in which you make the coffee). Measure the water using the cup that you’re going to serve the coffee in. Notice how they even have special burners specifically for the briki.


Once the water gets warm, add in one heaping teaspoon of Greek coffee and as much sugar as you prefer (my parents do equal parts sugar and coffee, my cousins do two parts sugar to one part coffee).


Give it a good stir to dissolve the coffee and sugar. Once it starts foaming and expands to half way up your briki…


…fill the coffee cups half way.


Put it back on the burner and allow it to foam up a second time then top off your cups.


My theory as to why Greeks take so long to drink the coffee is that since the grinds are in the actual cup, if you chug it, you’re likely to get a mouthful of sludge. Sipping it allows the grinds to settle after each sip. When you get close to the bottom of your cup, it’s easy to distinguish when the liquid ends and the dregs begin.

This coffee is usually served with some Greek cookies or some biscotti. I’m excited to start making this when I get back to the states. Of course, I’ll have to secretly chug a 32 oz. mocha to get my fix before the sipping commences…


One thought on “Greek Coffee

  1. Liv May 27, 2009 / 1:39 pm

    i LOOOOVE greek coffee. its my favorite! your mom sent some back with dean one summer for me (i still have it in the freezer) but havent quite mastered the art.. ive been using a small pot on top of stove & it never seems to come out right.. thanks for the directions!!!

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