In most of Greece, all work stops in the afternoon so families can get together for a big lunch. After their filling meal, most people retire for a nap. This nap generally lasts from about 2pm to 5pm. When they wake up, they have coffee and the shops reopen for the evening hours.

I’m not a big napper myself. I generally use this time to catch up online, to read on the balcony or to watch my little one sleep. Parker sleeping is something to behold. The utter peacefulness of his expression is mesmerizing.


When he was a baby, he would often fall asleep in my arms and I would stare at him for hours. Sometimes, his eyelashes will flutter and I used to wonder what he was dreaming about.

Nowadays, Parker has a tendency to either talk in his sleep or to tell me immediately upon waking what he was dreaming about. Not surprisingly, it’s generally about trains or Winnie the Pooh. This morning, he woke up asking about Piglet.

I love the simplicity of his life and of experiencing it with him. His greatest joy these days is eating a peanut butter sandwich and taking a walk to visit the donkey. If that’s all it takes to make him happy, I’m more than happy to oblige.


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