Monday Morning Confession

So, I’ve been hiding something for the last month. It’s something that I never thought I would do and frankly, I’m slightly embarrassed by it. But, it’s the way things are now so I decided to come clean to all of you today. Call it starting the week with a clean slate.

If you’ll recall, I’ve never been shy about my coffee snobbery. It was partly due to my training as a barista and partly due to my loyalty to specialty coffees. I mean, I’ve never in my life purchased Folgers or Maxwell House or any of the coffee that my parents have been drinking for the last several decades. And I certainly had never considered instant coffee…until last month.


In Greece, it’s seriously hard to find a decent American auto-drip coffee. And by seriously hard, I mean that you need to find an American who bought a coffee maker (no self-respecting Greek ever would) and beg for a regular cup of joe. As a result, my parents have been drinking instant coffee for years while on the mainland (we have a coffee maker on the island.) However, I’ve always refused. I mean, instant coffee?? I would rather go without than venture into that area… at least, that was until this year when I had Parker with me and going without was not an option.

So, I took the plunge and prepared myself for the worst. And I was humbled. It had a wonderful taste and a smooth texture. How have I gone almost 31 years without knowing this? Now comes the confession part. I’ve been drinking it consistently ever since…even when I have a perfectly good auto-drip coffee maker available.

I’m not sure what this means, but in the vein of honesty, I had to share it with you. Instant coffee is *gasp* pretty darn good. I use one heaping spoonful for a single mug and I doctor it up with my usual amounts of half and half and sugar. Now, please excuse me while I heat some water right now.


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