Track Running

A couple of days ago, I went to the university track for the first time to get a run in. Since it had been about a week since my last run, I just wanted to get out for an easy 4 miles just for pleasure. I had no time goals and no plan of action, I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of activity.


The first thing I noticed was that the surface of the track is fantastic. It’s spongy and fluid and absorbs a lot of the impact that would normally make it’s way up to your ankles, knees and back. It’s also a college regulation track, so there’s a lot of room outside of the standard lanes that helps extend the distance of each lap.

I have an application on my iPhone that measures your distance, time, mph and other important information. When I looked at it during my run, I noticed something else as well. I was running at 3000 ft. That made me feel a little bit better for being slightly breathless at the beginning on my run. I was starting to think that I was losing major conditioning.

As was expected, the scenery was beautiful.


The university is situated in a valley so we are surrounded by mountains on all sides. It’s not only picturesque, but it also feels cozy. It’s as if we have our own little community who is in on the secret of how lucky we are to live here. The stress of packing and unpacking is started to fade away and I’m remembering why I was so captivated when I was flown out here for my interview 9 months ago.


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