Tentaitvely Exhaling

Good news – my yia yia appears to be on the road to recovery. At 83 years old (with a number of latent health issues), we’re not expecting her to run a marathon anytime soon (or at all), but she will be released from the hospital in a couple of days and will be able to go home with a treatment plan in place. Whew! That was entirely too close for comfort and reminded us all to make the most of each trip and each visit.

Now that I’m done vacillating between denial and despair, my routine has resumed – cleaning and organizing like a maniac…and swearing at the cats for thwarting my attempts. Take, for example, Exhibit A. I had folded the clean sheets and towels and put them on top of the dryer for a second so that I could run and grab the hamper. I came back to find this.


I guarantee you that she was waiting just around the corning for me to step away from the still warm sheets. Don’t let her sweet little blond face fool you. She knows exactly what she’s doing.


I love how she doesn’t even look guilty. It’s like she’s trying to play it off like she’s been there all along. I like to call this expression “I’ve been laying here so long that I’m utterly bored.”

Well, since I needed to re-wash the top towel anyways, I decided to let her be so that I could go clean another part of the house in peace. I came back about 15 minutes later to find her like this.


Of course, I can no longer be annoyed because that sweet little blond face does me in every time. And, if I’m being honest, I’d probably want to curl up on clean, warm towels if I were a cat too.


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